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What is Pikicentral?
Pikicentral is the on-demand enabling platform for website owners, bloggers, Social networks, education providers, associations, teams, clubs, charities and passionate people with good ideas that want to grow their traffic and provide completely ethical viral marketing and online printing services.

Who is Pikicentral?

We are an innovative team of award winning web2 developers, researchers, and digital printing experts that share common passions.

Our Passion is to deliver the world’s best  online personalised digital printing service.

We are about you. You can set fashions and brand products. You create unique presents and marketing goodies for yourself, your friends and your business associates.

We are focussed upon delivering excellent commercial quality digitally printed products.

We develop unique viral marketing services that give “powered by Pikicentral” websites a market advantage.

We develop unique design tools that further extend that competitive advantage.

We continually Research and Develop ink technologies, printing systems, web technologies and quality assurance systems.

Above all we are the “powered by Pikicentral” company that strives to ensure the best service and experience possible for on line personalised digital printing.

What is Pikiprint?
This is your portal for personalised digital printing. is your access to all our printing services. If we print it –you can access it here!

Our USA Operations:
We are a registered USA Company Pikicentral LLC.
Our Printing is done within the USA using USA citizens.
We exclusively source our merchandise from the best USA Suppliers
Support is handled locally

Our Australian Operations
We have registered an Australian company, Pikicentral Australia Pty Limited
We use USA printing machines and Inks
We source our merchandise from the best Australian Suppliers
Support is handled locally

Our International Operations
Currently we are using both USA and Australia to manufacture and deliver. We intend to set up our printing facilities in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.
As and when we do, we source and support locally.

Our commitment to you:
You deserve to have the best possible service delivered to you by people that understand and appreciate not only your needs but your culture. We intend to respond to you. It will not happen over night, but it will happen because this is part of our vision to have “Powered by Pikicentral” recognised as the brand of excellence and trust for printed personalised merchandise services.